The Problem for Seniors

Combinations of Medicare plans available to most seniors.
Of seniors have the wrong Medicare coverage
Cost paid by most seniors with traditional Medicare.
Enrolling in Medicare is confusing and intimidating. The majority of seniors actually have the wrong health coverage for their unique needs. Seniors often pay more than they should and some don’t receive the healthcare they need. This also impacts the healthcare provider with higher delinquency rates and reduced cash flow.
Our technology enables healthcare providers to help their senior patients to optimize their Medicare coverage so that it meets their likely health needs, provider preferences and financial means. This improves the quality of care while reducing financial distress for both patients and the healthcare providers.

The Cumulative Loss for Seniors

Cost most seniors pay because they don’t have optimized Medicare.
Total cost all seniors pay for not optimizing Medicare.
Cost paid by all seniors with traditional Medicare

Coordinating Coverage and Care

We work with healthcare providers to ensure that their senior patients have the right Medicare coverage for their individual health needs. We are not selling Medicare insurance but helping seniors and their medical providers to understand their likely health usage and to ensure that their Medicare coverage is optimized to meet their needs. We also want to help seniors and providers avoid financial surprises from unexpected expense because they don’t have the right Medicare coverage for their unique needs.

Intuitive User Experience

Our technology platform includes an intuitive interface that hospital financial teams or individual senior patients can use to evaluate their Medicare options and ensure that their Medicare coverage matches their likely health needs, financial means and provider preferences.