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The pain for seniors

Choosing a Medicare plan is confusing. In most cities there are over 1,000 combinations of Medicare plans available. Many seniors make a best guess when choosing a Medicare plan. As a result, 80% of seniors are in the wrong Medicare plan which unnecessarily increases their annual out of pocket health costs by $728. Collectively that’s $32 billion dollars in extra costs.


Plan combinations in Atlanta, GA alone


of seniors have the wrong plan for their needs


Annual excess health cost per senior

Our Solution

Our technology guides seniors to easily find the right Medicare plan for their individual healthcare needs. We sort through the thousands of plan combinations to identify the plans that meet your individual preferences. We then visualize the tradeoffs between benefits and costs so you find the Medicare plans that best meets your individual health needs and budget.

Go back to enjoying your life,
not worrying about healthcare

Eliminate the confusion and guesswork. Make informed decisions about your healthcare. Discover the Medicare plans that are just right for you.