Healthcare Providers

Actionable insights to improve Medicare operations

Most health providers lose money treating Medicare patients. Part of this loss is due to the discounted payments and complex structure of Medicare reimbursements. The increasing popularity of Medicare Advantage plans and quality care incentives have created additional complexity and uncertainty for healthcare providers.
We use data science to help healthcare providers improve the economics and outcomes of their Medicare operations. We identify the likely health needs of the patient population, optimize patient Medicare coverage, and correlate anticipated usage with the reimbursement contracts with Medicare and Medicare Advantage insurers.

Average Losses per Patient

Average hospital loss per Medicare patient
Average margin lost by hospitals on their Medicare patients
Average loss for the five most common Medicare treatments.

Using A.I. to optimize Medicare operations

Medicare Pathfinder is a business intelligence platform that helps health providers to improve Medicare operations. We identify the health needs of Medicare patients and correlate their coverage with the reimbursement to the provider. We help providers to better understand the needs of their patients and ensure that have appropriate payment contracts.

Cumulative Loss for Hospitals

Average annual loss per hospital treating Medicare patients
Approximate loss by all hospitals each year treating Medicare patients.

Our Value Proposition

By correlating the health needs and coverage of all Medicare patients, our technology enables providers to increase revenues and reduce costs for Medicare patients by aligning their fee-for-service schedules to the Medicare coverage and clinical service demands of their patients.

Our technology can increase revenues by an average of $1,098 per Medicare patient.