We make Medicare easier for




The pain for insurers

Advances in data, analytics and technology promise to improve healthcare. But how can we help seniors understand and use health data? How do we help seniors to make better healthcare decisions? Can we make healthcare more transparent while ensuring both patient security?

And can we get rid of all the expensive and overwhelming brochures and paperwork?

Market Changes

Baby Boomers are changing Medicare. Seniors are switching plans more frequently which reduces user profitability. Lower retention rates reduce profitability, especially for insurers with high customer acquisition costs and longer break-even periods. Insurers need to better recognize and understand market trends in order to focus sales and reduce risk.

Marketing Expenses / Customer Acquisition Costs

Traditional marketing methods are more expensive and less effective. Many seniors resent the avalanche of paper brochures and direct mail. Broadcast media remains a luxury that few insurers can afford. Retail kiosks have underperformed other marketing channels. How can insurers improve sales while controlling customer acquisition costs?

Sales Challenges

Lower commissions and increased licensing requirements have reduced insurer salesforces. Those agents that remain need more effective and efficient ways to assist seniors while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Our Solution

Medicare Pathfinder offers a consumer driven approach to Medicare. Our technology is comprehensive & transparent – showing every available Medicare plan in an unbiased format. Our intuitive interface makes health information more accessible and useful for all seniors, even those with limited technology experience. Seniors can prioritize, evaluate and select Medicare plans based on their individual preferences.

The value we bring

By enabling seniors to navigate the Medicare marketplace, we create a powerful tool for insurers to increase sales, reduce customer acquisition costs and gain critical market insights. Seniors initiate each insurer engagement which improves lead quality and close rates. Our data insights enable insurers to identify and act on market trends so they can adjust sales and marketing efforts.