Finding the right Medicare plan should be simple

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We help you get the best healthcare by understanding you

Enrolling in Medicare is challenging and confusing. Through a series of simple questions about your preferences, we match you to the most cost-effective and personalized combinations of plans and supplements. Our technology simplifies Medicare and helps you to optimize your healthcare and finances. The premise is simple - It should be as easy to find a Medicare plan as it is to buy a plane ticket.

Medicare Pathfinder is an Accelerate Member of the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Who we help


We help seniors to optimize their health coverage, so they maximize benefits, minimize cost and personalize their medical coverage to their individual preferences. We eliminate the headache of evaluating thousands of combinations of Medicare plans.

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We use fully compliant methods to help insurers improve sales, lower customer acquisition costs, gain analytical insights and to better understand and react to market trends.

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We empower seniors to make informed decisions about their healthcare rather than just guessing when choosing a Medicare plan. We provide seniors with the tools and knowledge to optimize their healthcare choices.

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