We Use Data Science to Optimize Senior Healthcare

The cost of not optimizing healthcare for seniors

Seniors that are enrolled in Medicare and enrollment will grow to 80 million by 2030.
Of seniors have the wrong Medicare coverage for their individual needs.
The extra cost paid by seniors because they don’t have the right Medicare coverage each year.

We use data science to optimize Medicare

Medicare Pathfinder is a business intelligence platform that helps health providers to improve their Medicare operations. Our technology enables providers to increase revenues and reduce costs for Medicare patients by aligning their fee-for-service schedules to the Medicare coverage and clinical service demands of their patients. Our technology can help healthcare providers to improve Medicare revenues by over $1,000 per patient.

The cost of not optimizing healthcare for providers

Community hospitals treat Medicare patients in the U.S.
The average margin lost by hospitals on their Medicare patients.
Cumulative loss by hospitals each year treating Medicare patients.

Focused Data

Data is widely recognized as the key to improving healthcare. But health providers are drowning in data. The solution is focusing on the right data and understanding how to relate it to the needs of actual patients and how that impacts the providers operations and finances.

Medicare Pathfinder connects the dots between a senior’s Medicare coverage, their health treatments and the financial reimbursement to the healthcare provider.


Our technology enables healthcare providers to connect the dots between patient health needs, Medicare coverage and reimbursements.



We help seniors to optimize their Medicare coverage for their individual health needs, budget and provider preferences.